A woman showcasing Forever Wires, an eyewear collection made from plants.

Product Innovation: Eyewear Made From Plants

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Wires Glasses is re-envisioning how eyewear is made and worn. A small team of women, based out of London, are on a mission to introduce the most sustainable, long-lasting glasses to the world.
Their newest collection, Forever Wires, is a modular system combining a single stainless steel wire frame with easily changeable, versatile rims and lenses.
The best part? The rims and lenses are 3D printed and made using bio-materials derived from castor beans. This unconventional method of production creates a minuscule amount of waste in comparison to how traditional eyewear is manufactured.

Where did the idea for Wires come from?

In 2016, Founder and Designer, Yair Neuman, broke his sunglasses while traveling and had to hand-make a new pair from a single piece of wire, thus the idea of Wires was born.
This idea highlighted the importance of being able to repair elements of glasses without just throwing them away.

What problems is this product solving?

The functional design of the modular system is playful, fun and gives consumers the ability to change styles on the go. If lenses are scratched or damaged, they are easily replaced without the need to purchase a new pair of shades. It’s a nice throwback to a simpler time when life was more about mending things rather than getting rid of them.
Wires Glasses, among others in the optical industry, are tackling sustainable development head-on. They are innovating how eyewear is made, designed, and consumed with a mission to produce zero waste products.

How did they bring this idea to life?

The first collection was handcrafted by a small team of artisans in Harare, Zimbabwe, using the African wire craft tradition. Wires are now handmade by a family of eyewear experts, in Northern Italy, using a stainless steel wire for the frames with a patented invisible hinge that allows them to fold and using 3D printing for rims which is a zero-waste manufacturing technology.
The inclusive designs have been developed to suit any face for any occasion, and break the conventions of sustainable eyewear, being ultra-comfortable, lightweight, and durable.

The Takeaway

To innovate is to solve problems. Find a real issue to tackle and you are on the right path to innovation.
From sustainability issues to tangible end-user problems, brands that are tuned into what consumers need and care about will stand out.
The Forever Wires collection is available on Kickstarter now and will be available for purchase on Wires Glasses website in Spring 2022.
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